It’s been a long time since we’ve had much news and even longer since we have toured, So….

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We are very excited. The dates are to the right and here’s some information about all the bands…

DEFIANCE, OHIO – This is the band’s first tour in almost two years, and their first tour with all six members in at least twice as long. Defiance, Ohio has been touring and recording music for over a decade. Known for acoustic-influenced, socially conscious, and undeniably catchy punk anthems, their career that has included four full-length albums and shows on three continents. Their most recent release is 2012’s “The Calling” EP on No Idea Records.

PURPLE 7 – Based out of Bloomington, Indiana, and boasting a long and respectable list of “members of” bands including Defiance, Ohio, Hot New Mexicans, Landlord, Door-Keys, and Nana Grizol, Purple 7 is surely at least as great as the sum of it’s parts. Whether it’s garage-rock, psychedelic, or something else entirely, this is three-piece rock ‘n’ roll as it was intended to be. Their most recent release is 2014’s full-length, “Jewel Finger” on Basement Pop records.

HIGH DIVE – Also from Bloomington, Indiana, High Dive is the product of three distinct songwriters: Ginger Alford (formerly of Good Luck & One Reason), Toby Foster (a solo artist in his own right), and Richard Wehrenberg Jr. (most notably known for his poetry and work with Monster House Press). This powerpop five-piece keeps the riffs short and tight, the lyrics direct and honest, and the melodies worth remembering. They recently wrapped up a three-week European tour which included a coinciding EP on Yo-Yo Records.

New HIGH DIVE EP online now!

HIGH DIVE (Ryan’s other band) has a new EP, which you can stream online now by clicking here!

You can also buy the 12″ copy from Yo-Yo Records.

We (High Dive) will be touring mainland Europe starting in just a few days, so if you live there, please come say hi!  Dates are in the “shows” section (with a few more details still to come, including some shows in Spain).


HIGH DIVE “Untouched” video

High Dive news!

Hi all!

My other band has a tour coming up in Europe!  The shows are posted in the shows page.

Also, we just released a song from our new EP, which will be available on that tour.  Check it out here.

Finally, we are selling a few t-shirts to help cover the expenses of the trip.  You can look at those here.  If you want to wear pictures of our pets as clothes, these are definitely for you!

Thanks for the continued support.




High Dive (Ryan’s other band) is planning a tour in May with this band from Macedonia called Bernay’s Propaganda.  It is their first U.S. tour and we are very exciting to be playing these shows with them.  Theo (Nana Grizol) will also be joining the tour for some of the shows.  More info is on the shows page, and we’ll be posting all the details in the next week or two.  Hope to see some of you!


High Dive at Fest 12

Ryan’s other band, High Dive, played their first show as a five piece (with our long time friend Ginger Alford (Good Luck + One Reason) as a new member.  The show was at the fest in Gainesville and Mike Plante posted a really nice video of the show!

Defiance, Ohio update and Jetzt Collective


Hello! Sorry there hasn’t been much news from us since this last summer. The 12″ version of our last EP, The Calling has been released and is available from No Idea Records! We are all busy with our various projects and, as of now, we don’t have any upcoming plans for Defiance, Ohio to play shows.

Ryan is playing some shows including The Fest in Gainesville (with the Jetzt Collective and High Dive) The collective will also be playing some shows in Ohio and on the east coast (including a show in NYC with Theo and Sherri playing under Nana Grizol!). Jetzt Collective is loosely based out of Bloomington, IN. It is a group of songwriters, singers, musicians, writers, filmmakers, and artists who enjoy each others’ company and enjoy traveling and sharing what we do with friends and strangers. It does not have permanent list of members or a permanent lineup. Please check out the link above for more details about that. The Collective shows are listed in upcoming shows as well!

Defiance, Ohio

Theo and Ryan in Europe!!

This week, Theo and Ryan start acoustic tour in Europe with Toby Foster.  They will be playing acoustic versions of songs by Defiance, Ohio along with songs by Nana Grizol (Theo’s other band) and High Dive (Ryan and Toby’s other band).  The details for the shows are listed to the right.  Since it is a mix up of several projects, here is a partial list of songs the trio will play so you can become more familiar with songs you don’t know if you are curious to do so.

A Reason – High Dive – link

Anxious and Worrying – Defiance, Ohio –link

Clean – High Dive – link

The Condition – Defiance, Ohio – link

Gave On – Nana Grizol – link

Horizon Lines, Volume and Infinity – Defiance, Ohio – link

How to Grow – High Dive – link

Night lights – Nana Grizol – link

Oh, Susquehanna – Defiance, Ohio – link

Old Dead Tree – Defiance, Ohio – link

The Reason – Defiance, Ohio – link

Tennessee – High Dive – link

This Time, This Year – Defiance, Ohio – link

Through All of it – High Dive – link

You are Loved – Defiance, Ohio – link

TOUR! New EP on No Idea! and what we’re all up to..

We are happy to announce that we will be doing a WEST COAST US tour in late June.  The dates and information are listed under shows to the right.  Some of the shows have already been getting close to sold out, so if you are interested in attending, you might want to look into tickets if they are available for the show near to you.  Many shows are just door ticket sales.  We are also excited to let you know that last year’s EP, THE CALLING, has been mastered and is being pressed on a vinyl 12″ 45 by No Idea Records.  We will have those at these upcoming shows and they will be available through No Idea as well after the tour!

Theo and Ryan will be joining Toby Foster on a three week acoustic tour in mainland EUROPE in July.  Those dates are also posted under upcoming shows and will be updated as they get closer.  They will be playing piano, acoustic guitar and bass and playing versions of songs by DEFIANCE, OHIO, NANA GRIZOL + HIGH DIVE.

europe poster 2013       Besides these upcoming tours, Theo has been busy taking classes at Seattle Central Community College. He’s currently wrapping up an Anatomy class in which he learned about the nervous, endocrine, reproductive, and digestive systems. He’s excited to learn a language for talking about what’s going on in there.  As for other linguistic pursuits, he’s been taking a fun class about novels. He’s down to discuss Virginia Woolf’s Mrs. Dalloway or Louise Erdrich’s Tracks in particular. Otherwise, Theo has been hanging out with some cool kids at an after school program, going to fun shows sometimes, and enjoying Seattle’s divine May weather. He plans to move east in the fall to continue academic pursuits, with a focus on sustainable development.

Ryan has been quite consumed for the past couple years serving food at a Bloomington vegetarian restaurant, that he runs with Toby Foster, The Owlery.  ( After being open for about two and a half years, he is very excited to get a break for these tours.  Ryan’s other band, HIGH DIVE,  released a new online EP, These Are Days, on June 7th.  You can listen to that here..
You can follow all the tours this summer on Ryan’s instagram, @mrryanwoods

Will has been living at an all analogue recording studio for the past few years on the south side of Bloomington, in the historic McDougal Garden’s neighborhood, called Magnetic South, which also functions as a record label, specializing in esoteric rock n’ roll records and tapes.  For a more comprehensive insight into the output of Magnetic South, please refer to He has also been known to play bass or psychedelic viola with Thee Open Sex, an enigmatic ensemble of tranced-out rhythm & blues enthusiasts.  To become familiar with their output, please visit and watch out for upcoming shows and recorded efforts.  Purple 7 is an outlet for his songwriting ambitions and a petri dish for the artistic ambitions of the trio of songwriters involved.  At times quiet and winsome, also familiar with the primal beats of the Misfits or, say, the Ramones, and with an enduring commitment to the traditions and harmonies of classic rock.

Geoff has been living in Chicago and playing music in a band called Hinged.  They’re finishing up their first self-recorded project. He’s also been working as the lead developer for, Floodlight, a web-based community storytelling project based in Denver and has helped organized the Webmaking track at this summer’s Allied Media Conference. This past weekend, Geoff participated in Chicago MigraHack where he was part of a team that built Illinois in the ICE Age, a data visualization exploring the detention of migrants brought into ICE custody in Illinois and the connections between the criminalization of migration and the prison industrial complex.

BZ has been living, working and making homebrew beers in Bloomington.  She has recently returned from travel in Central America where she was seeing sights and working on her Spanish.

Hope to see you at the shows! xo. DEFIANCE, OHIO

High Dive midwest tour!

High Dive (Ryan from defiance, ohio + Toby Foster + Nick Romy)  is doing a short tour in the midwest.  The dates are listed under the “family” section of upcoming shows.  If you don’t have the High Dive record.. you can download it for free here! You can also order a copy of the LP from No Idea records (