Theo and Ryan in Europe!!

This week, Theo and Ryan start acoustic tour in Europe with Toby Foster.  They will be playing acoustic versions of songs by Defiance, Ohio along with songs by Nana Grizol (Theo’s other band) and High Dive (Ryan and Toby’s other band).  The details for the shows are listed to the right.  Since it is a mix up of several projects, here is a partial list of songs the trio will play so you can become more familiar with songs you don’t know if you are curious to do so.

A Reason – High Dive – link

Anxious and Worrying – Defiance, Ohio –link

Clean – High Dive – link

The Condition – Defiance, Ohio – link

Gave On – Nana Grizol – link

Horizon Lines, Volume and Infinity – Defiance, Ohio – link

How to Grow – High Dive – link

Night lights – Nana Grizol – link

Oh, Susquehanna – Defiance, Ohio – link

Old Dead Tree – Defiance, Ohio – link

The Reason – Defiance, Ohio – link

Tennessee – High Dive – link

This Time, This Year – Defiance, Ohio – link

Through All of it – High Dive – link

You are Loved – Defiance, Ohio – link

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