Midwestern Minutes

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The Fear, The Fear, The Fear

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  1. Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop [download ogg or mp3]
  2. The List [download ogg or mp3]
  3. The Things We Won’t Let Settle But Let Set [download ogg or mp3]
  4. The Condition [download ogg or mp3]
  5. Eureka! [download ogg or mp3]
  6. Now, Now, Now [download ogg or mp3]
  7. Anxious And Worrying [download ogg or mp3]
  8. The Years, The Fears, The Sleep [download ogg or mp3]
  9. Oh, Cheri [download ogg or mp3]
  10. Expect The Worst [download ogg or mp3]

Defiance, Ohio/Environmental Youth Crunch 7″

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  1. Threats [download ogg or mp3]
  2. Collecting Complaints [download ogg or mp3]

The Great Depression

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  1. Petty Problems [lyrics] [ogg] [mp3]
  2. Enough [lyrics] [ogg] [mp3]
  3. Oh, Susquehanna! [lyrics] [ogg] [mp3]
  4. The New World Order [lyrics] [ogg] [mp3]
  5. Calling Old Friends [lyrics] [ogg] [mp3]
  6. Trip and Stumble [lyrics] [ogg] [mp3]
  7. This Feels Better [lyrics] [ogg] [mp3]
  8. The Year [lyrics] [ogg] [mp3]
  9. Grandma Song [lyrics] [ogg] [mp3]
  10. Letter Home [lyrics] [ogg] [mp3]
  11. The Temperature is Dropping [lyrics] [ogg] [mp3]
  12. Lambs at the Slaughter [lyrics] [ogg] [mp3]
  13. Condition 11:11 [lyrics] [ogg] [mp3]

One Reason/Defiance, Ohio Split 7″

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  1. Sometimes Motion [lyrics] [ogg] [mp3]
  2. Promises [lyrics] [ogg] [mp3]

Ghost Mice/Defiance, Ohio Split CD (released 08/2004)

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  1. Never Forget, Ever [lyrics] [ogg] [mp3]
  2. Tanks! Tanks! Tanks! [lyrics] [ogg] [mp3]
  3. To Lanterns, Denver, and One Last Lament [lyrics] [ogg] [mp3]
  4. Things We Say [ogg] [mp3]
  5. The Idea of North [lyrics] [ogg] [mp3]

Share What Ya’ Got LP/CD

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  1. Hey Kathleen, Are You Hungry? [lyrics]
    [ogg] [mp3]
  2. This Time, This Year [lyrics]
    [ogg] [mp3]
  3. I’m Just Going To Leave … [lyrics]
    [ogg] [mp3]
  4. Chad’s Favorite Song [lyrics]
    [ogg] [mp3]
  5. I Don’t Want Solidarity If It Means Holding Hands With You [lyrics]
    [ogg] [mp3]
  6. Drinking Song [lyrics] [ogg] [mp3]
  7. Bikes and Bridges [lyrics]
    [ogg] [mp3]
  8. Sweet Dudes and Sweet Ladies * [lyrics]
    [ogg] [mp3]
  9. Lullabies [lyrics]
    [ogg] [mp3]
  10. Old Dead Tree [lyrics]
    [ogg] [mp3]
  11. Road Sign Always Look Better Looking Over Your Shoulder [lyrics]
    [ogg] [mp3]
  12. Response To Griot [lyrics]
    [ogg] [mp3]


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  1. Chad’s Favorite Song [lyrics]
    [ogg] [mp3]
  2. Drinking Song [lyrics]
    [ogg] [mp3]
  3. Hey Kathleen, Are You Hungry? [lyrics]
    [ogg] [mp3]
  4. I’m Just Going To Leave … [lyrics]
    [ogg] [mp3]
  5. The Idea of North [lyrics]
    [ogg] [mp3]
  6. Old Dead Tree [lyrics]
    [ogg] [mp3]
  7. A Song About Promises [lyrics]
    [ogg] [mp3]
  8. Road Signs Always Look Better Looking Over Your Shoulder [lyrics]

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  1. […] our word for it. Whether or not you show up to see them today, the band would be more than happy to give you all of their songs for free on their website. How’s that for power to the people, […]

  2. Jan says:

    Great music! Greeting from Germany!

  3. Luis says:

    Amazing Music and Band Only a real great band would give away their music away! Awesome

  4. Jason S. says:

    Your guys’ and gals’ music has meant a lot to me over the years. Love your music, love your ethics, love your contributions to the world. Hope to see more output from you guys in the future, and if you ever do any more touring around the east coast, please check out 123 Pleasant Street in Morgantown, WV. You can contact em about booking thru their website’s contact info: http://123pleasantstreet.com/misc/contact That venue is pretty much the only venue keeping any type of indie/punk/metal/jam/whatever “scenes” alive here in WV by booking good shows (from tiny local acts, to nationally touring acts) and keeping shows as cheap as possible. I’d really LOVE LOVE LOVE to see you guys play sometime, and if you came to WV that’d be THE place to play. It’s an amazing, intimate space, considering some of the bigger acts that have come through over the years (Against Me! right before they abandoned their ideals for fame, Built to Spill, Melvins lite, Explosions In The Sky, Bernie Worrell.. etc…) and it’d be the perfect place if you all ever decided to stop through WV. It’s worth the detour just for the beauty of the state 😉 Anywho, thanks for doing what you do, and I hope to see you all in person someday.

  5. Reus says:

    Hey I would like to have Share What Ya Got. I can’t find a decent download. Any help?

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