Hinged show Tuesday, November 19 in Chicago

Geoff’s other band Hinged is playing on Tuesday, November 19 at the Magic Living Room in Chicago. Email geoffatterrorwaredotcom for address for the address.  Hinged is playing with Chattanooga bands One Timers (TN) and Ol Scratch (TN) as well as locals CM²D.  The show starts at 8pm.

Last minute Geoff solo acoustic show Tuesday, September 2 in Chicago

Geoff solo acoustic show w/ screening of Maximum Tolerated Dose and Mike XvX. 8:30pm. All-ages. $5-10. Email geoffatterrorwaredotcom  for address.

Horizon Lines, Volume and Infinity

The second song we’re releasing this month!

You can download the song for free from the Internet Archive, but please consider supporting us by buying the song (at whatever price you think is fair) through Bandcamp.


To capture for a lifetime what in moments catches on
To put to paper what it was about that song
Homemade magnetic tapes for all the people that you love
For purity, or bravery, or grace, or just because that’s what a heart does
The echoes encompassing us!

I feel a strange prehension that is much bigger than me
A shadow falls ahead so far I fail to see
And so at times I’d like a map to what I cannot comprehend
But infinite cartographer, your trusted magic pen
Can only ink against the edge of understanding!
Yeah, you always draw me on along, questions compounding

But family and friends their thoughts therein will interject
And, oh, to feel the strength in all the places they connect
There’s time’s we’ve spoken cryptically and times we’ve been direct
Sometimes we speak so cyclically, sometimes just hold our breath and see
that presence sets the stage for conversation!
Or simply says what it must say with its intention!

And so we start to feel we shoudn’t be so scared
We see this understanding as the only thing that’s there
There’s feelings you must overcome, and feelings you must use,
And strengthened by a timeless love that you must never lose

It’s born of ancestry and poetry and chemistry!
Horizon lines and volume and infinity!

For now we focus on whatever comes to mind
A slow progression, though a tender one, we find
The sun against a face some hot Ohio afternoon
A timeless sense of place among the relics in my room
A low hanging amber melon of a moon.
We can stop and sleep and plan the next day soon.

Bad Ideas

You can download the song for free from the Internet Archive, but please consider supporting us by buying the song (at whatever price you think is fair) through Bandcamp.

This is the first of the songs we’re releasing this month.


I want to be a dinosaur, a fossil of times come before.
Extinction seems bleak, but I shudder to think of not knowing when my time has come.
And I hope when it comes that I know.

Well they busted the block in ’65 and we scattered like ash far and wide

To these places we made as if molded from clay, too thick for the roots to survive
And the rules of the game from when we were young get more faded and faded with time
But the kid seems alright, but because or in spite, I don’t know, what the struggle was for

And worse than the devils you think that you knew,
Are the ones you believe into life.

But hope’s not the same as belief.
Which in turn’s not the same, as knowing by name, that the worst of your fears are misplaced.

Let it go.

And I hope when it comes that I know.

you can also find a video we made for “Bad Ideas” here..


Geoff’s new band’s first show in Chicago this weekend

I have a summer band with my roommates Jeff and Rawny (who was also my bandmate in Disaster) and Daniel (of ADD/C) called Hinged.  We’re playing our first show on Saturday, July 7 with Secret Lover (on tour from Worcester, MA) and Emme and the Moon.  The show is at Deagan Music (1770 W. Berteau Ave, Chicago) and starts at 8pm.  We’re asking for a $5 donation for the touring band.  There’s also a Facebook event page for the show. I’m really excited about this band and this show and would love for you to check it out if you’re in the Chicago area.

Ryan and Will are also playing in bands that are touring/playing shows this summer.  Check out the “Family” section of the upcoming shows list for more information.

Take care,

1770 W. Berteau Ave, Chicago

Gardening Pro Tip

It’s going to be above 100 degrees today in Bloomington. Will and Theo say it’s best to NOT water your garden in the midst of the heat. Having water on the leaves actually makes the plants hotter, apparently.

Geoff solo show in Detroit – May, 18 2012

I’m playing a benefit show in Detroit for a friend along with a lot of awesome performers including the amazing Bobby Colombo from The State Lottery‘s solo project Prison Wine and a terrific DJ collective.

Friday May 18th at the Trumbullplex
with Prison Wine, Scissor Now, and the Cupcake Collective. Doors at 8pm.
$5-$20 suggested donation.

Take care,

DIY CHI Comp Tape

DIY CHI is a Chicago collective with the long-term goal of establishing an all-ages DIY show and cultural space in the city.  That’s no easy task, so as the group works toward the space, they also collectively organize shows and work on other projects to try to connect DIY cultural communities across the city.  To those ends, they’ve released a comp tape featuring a diverse set of Chicago bands and performers.

You can stream/download the comp on the DIY CHI Bandcamp Page (and there are physical copies floating around if you visit Chicago or see one of the bands on tour).

I made a bedroom recording along with my housemate Jeff Jablonski playing banjo that appears on the digital version (but not the tape version due to a technical fuck-up).

Check it out: http://diychi.bandcamp.com/.


Geoff’s playing a solo show in Chicago

Tuesday, September 20, 2011
1804 S. Racine Ave. FOURTH FLOOR
Chicago, Illinois

DIYCHI Presents:

Shenandoah Davis (Olympia, WA)

Geoff Hing (of Defiance, Ohio)

Bob Rok




7 p.m.

$5 Donation


Please respect our neighbors by not drinking/hanging out on the sidewalk.
Everything else is fair game.

Facebook event page

Important update about London, Ontario show!

Will and I spaced bringing our passports on tour. So, the in-store performance won’t exactly be Defiance, Ohio. Instead, it will be Ryan Woods (of Defiance, Ohio), Theo Hilton (of Defiance, Ohio and Nana Grizol) and Toby Foster playing songs by Defiance, Ohio; Nana Grizol; and Toby Foster, Paul Simon and a few new ones together.

For an idea of what this will sound like, check out http://tobyfoster.bandcamp.com/album/theo-hilton-toby-foster-and-ryan-woods