Gardening Pro Tip

It’s going to be above 100 degrees today in Bloomington. Will and Theo say it’s best to NOT water your garden in the midst of the heat. Having water on the leaves actually makes the plants hotter, apparently.

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  1. wassup says:

    great 2 know. now come back to california :'(

  2. Erik says:

    I think the drops of water left on the leaves may inhibit gas exchange (or water transfer from the soil through the plant to the air) which is the primary mechanism a plant has for cooling itself off and buffering any temperature differences. Could be wrong though. It’s been a while since I had that plant science class.

  3. wormwoodstar says:

    The water on the leaves beads up and act as little magnifying glasses, roasting them like an ant under solar-attack by a 6 year old sadist.

    It’s not so much the heat one needs to worry about– it’s direct sunlight.

    But then, I live in canada, where everything is made out of plants. Even the wood is made out of plants.

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