Geoff’s new band’s first show in Chicago this weekend

I have a summer band with my roommates Jeff and Rawny (who was also my bandmate in Disaster) and Daniel (of ADD/C) called Hinged.  We’re playing our first show on Saturday, July 7 with Secret Lover (on tour from Worcester, MA) and Emme and the Moon.  The show is at Deagan Music (1770 W. Berteau Ave, Chicago) and starts at 8pm.  We’re asking for a $5 donation for the touring band.  There’s also a Facebook event page for the show. I’m really excited about this band and this show and would love for you to check it out if you’re in the Chicago area.

Ryan and Will are also playing in bands that are touring/playing shows this summer.  Check out the “Family” section of the upcoming shows list for more information.

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1770 W. Berteau Ave, Chicago

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