Tour Posters

June 2011 Tour Poster (Ryan version)

Defiance, Ohio has always been a creative collaboration between all of us in the band and our friends. With us being geographically disperse, consensus can sometimes be hard. So, instead of being able to decide on one tour poster, we ended up with three designs.

I’ve gone ahead and uploaded versions that you can print out to put on your wall or to share info about the show within your community. We look forward to seeing all of you on the East Coast soon

-Geoff + Defiance, Ohio

Athens, Asheville

There is more information and the ability to purchase tickets for the Athens show on the Orange Twin website.

The venue for the Asheville show is still being finalized so check back for more details about that.

See you soon,

June tour to Plan-It-X Fest

We’re playing some shows in June on the way to Plan-It-X Fest.  Show info is in the sidebar to the right and on the upcoming shows page. Details are likely to change in the coming weeks so check back often.

Summer Tour 2010 open post


Ramsey took this nice photo from the Chicago show:

Defiance, Ohio at Locked Out in Chicago

Todd shot this video of Can’t Stop Won’t Stop (and also ones of I’m Just Going to Leave … and Eureka) at the show in Cleveland:


Ryan (not Ryan in the band) shared this video from the Milwaukee show:


You’ve got question’s? We’ve got (some) answers!

I’ve also added some answers to some questions I’ve seen in the comments.

when will the show start?

If we don’t specify, the show should start around 8.

How much will the show cost?

All shows will be less than $10.

Where can I get tickets?

Many of our shows are at community centers or DIY spaces without box offices so there aren’t any tickets. Just show up! Some shows at clubs probably have tickets but you’ll have to check with the venue about that. We don’t know anything about it.

Will we have the new record at shows?

Yes. As of the chicago show, we have the new record as an lp, cd and tape.

What is the address of magnetic south in Bloomington/What time would it be?

The Bloomington show got moved to the Bishop. They should have details on their site, but shows in Bloomington usually start at 8 or 9.

What’s up with the Denver show?

It did get moved to the 25th.

Is the Fun Day All Day Fest in Oakland on July 3 is all ages? When are you playing?

Yeah. We try to only play all-ages shows with a few exceptions. If a show isn’t all-ages, we’ll be sure to say so.

We’re probably playing some time in the evening but not super late.

See you all soon. xo,