Summer Tour 2010 open post


Ramsey took this nice photo from the Chicago show:

Defiance, Ohio at Locked Out in Chicago

Todd shot this video of Can’t Stop Won’t Stop (and also ones of I’m Just Going to Leave … and Eureka) at the show in Cleveland:


Ryan (not Ryan in the band) shared this video from the Milwaukee show:


You’ve got question’s? We’ve got (some) answers!

I’ve also added some answers to some questions I’ve seen in the comments.

when will the show start?

If we don’t specify, the show should start around 8.

How much will the show cost?

All shows will be less than $10.

Where can I get tickets?

Many of our shows are at community centers or DIY spaces without box offices so there aren’t any tickets. Just show up! Some shows at clubs probably have tickets but you’ll have to check with the venue about that. We don’t know anything about it.

Will we have the new record at shows?

Yes. As of the chicago show, we have the new record as an lp, cd and tape.

What is the address of magnetic south in Bloomington/What time would it be?

The Bloomington show got moved to the Bishop. They should have details on their site, but shows in Bloomington usually start at 8 or 9.

What’s up with the Denver show?

It did get moved to the 25th.

Is the Fun Day All Day Fest in Oakland on July 3 is all ages? When are you playing?

Yeah. We try to only play all-ages shows with a few exceptions. If a show isn’t all-ages, we’ll be sure to say so.

We’re probably playing some time in the evening but not super late.

See you all soon. xo,

75 Responses to “Summer Tour 2010 open post”

  1. Alex says:

    SO stoked missed you guys at Harvest of hope.

  2. Sommai says:

    I don’t know where 27 Social is! FREAKING OUT. Please someone tell me the address for the Denver show.

  3. Lindsey says:

    Detroit show was awesome! see ya in Chicago!

  4. Emma says:

    sorry bout the jerks at the richmond show. hope you guys will come back. you guys were amazing!

  5. Ryan Bince says:

    Hey, at the All Day festival in oakland, do you know what time you’ll be playing?

    Really hoping for night time….

  6. Laurel says:

    So the Denver show on the 25th is at 27 Social??? Not PnL Publishing?? Drivin’ 7 hours to get to Denver… so excited…but can you clarify? Can’t find any info on 27 social 🙁
    Thank you!

  7. Ryan Woods says:

    @laurel the show is at 27 social. We don’t have an address yet but we’ll post it as soon as we get it.

  8. Ryan Woods says:

    @Ryan probably some time in the evening but early enough so people can still catch bart

  9. Ryan Woods says:


    Denver show is at 2727 w. 27th St. Ave. No joke.

  10. Dan says:

    Coming through FL anytime soon? Let’s set up a Tallahassee show!

  11. @Ryan: Thanks. Looks totally crazy!

  12. Kaitlyn says:

    @ryan d’you mean 2727 w. 27 ave for the Denver show?

  13. @Kaitlyn

    I think you’re right. Denver show is at 2727 W. 27 Ave.

  14. Tom C says:

    DO you have any information on the Fun Day All Day Fest? I can’t find anything other than the address and day. When does it start at least? Thanks and love

  15. Monica says:

    I’m psyched for your upcoming show in Tucson at Dry River!

  16. Jeremy says:

    Do you know what time the gilman show is?

  17. gabe v says:

    aaaaaaaaaaaaaa come back to st. louis

  18. Manny says:


    How much will the L.A show be and what time will it start?

  19. Al says:

    You all need to play Minneapolis again real soon!

  20. Manny P. says:

    You were so amazing at Sync Space! I love watching you guys play, it’s always awesome.

    I recorded some stuff :

    I also have some pictures let me know if you’d like them 😀
    Much love!
    -Manny P. (not the Manny from above haha)

  21. natalia says:

    So I was at the LA show last week and I was part of the first half that went in and it kills me to say I was disappointed!! (even minding the circumstances) and I know it’s a false judgment cause I’ve heard stories from when you guys have come out here before..and that’s mainly for the letdown. but anyways, point is Please Play Another Socal show soon<3

  22. Cassie says:

    Please come back to Boise soon.
    I can’t stop thinking about the show and the shirt that was given to me fits like dreams 😀

  23. Lou says:


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