The Highs and the Lows. Europe tour canceled, new east coast shows added!

First the bad news..

Our work permits to the UK were denied and the European tour is canceled.  We are very sorry that this happened and we want to thank everyone that put work into trying to make it come together.   We are hoping to reschedule in 2013 but have no set plans as of now.  It’s a bummer, we were very excited to make it back over.

We have scrambled together a short east coast/midwest tour from August 29th to September 7th.  The dates are posted.  Thanks so much to all the folks that helped us pull this tour from thin air.  Please help us spread the word as the shows are soon!

It’s been 10 years.  Thanks so much for everything.  The last song we are releasing for the month is a re-recording of the first song we ever wrote together.  We thought it would be cool to see how it sounded 10 years later.  haha..  maybe not all that different.

You can download this song for free from The Internet Archive, but please consider buying it (at whatever price you think is fair) from Bandcamp.

6 Responses to “The Highs and the Lows. Europe tour canceled, new east coast shows added!”

  1. TK says:

    I’m so upset I won’t be able to make any of the east coast shows because I’ll be moving into college. However, I got into that college (my dream school) by writing my admissions essay about going to one of your shows. So thanks! You guys are awesome, as always.

  2. mike says:

    I’m glad you did this.

  3. Ryan Woods says:

    @TK, sorry we’ll miss you, but that’s a nice story. Good luck at school.

  4. Scott says:

    10 years later you guys still sound awesome, but more upright bass please!

  5. Evert says:

    Sad to see you guys cancel the European tour… I’ve been to the Paris and Caen shows back in May 2009, and I’ve been wondering when you’d be back. But damn bureaucracy! Didn’t even know that you need work permits to perform music abroad… Out of curiosity, what cities would you’ve visited? Any shows in Belgium, maybe? Either way, there’s always next time!

  6. Tom says:

    This song was great then and is still great. i listened to this song then about a week later saw you in buffalo. best show i have seen in a long time!

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