Call It a Comeback

Here’s the third song we are releasing this month!

You can download the song for free from the Internet Archive, but please consider supporting us by buying the song (at whatever price you think is fair) through Bandcamp.


They say it’s all in the wrist.
You give more than you take.
Those hours borrowed from sick days have been taken away.
You’ve been at it for too long.
Worn out car and tape by judas priest,
It’s hard to find a sense of meaning waiting here in your parking space.

You’re no single story,
A great expanse of open space.
They will call it a comeback.
Redraw lines with a sense of place.

Posted a half dozen poses,
With all your longings and hates.
The days stretched into weeks and no one is buying the claims.
You’ve been at this for too long.
Re-read the stories that make us feel alive and aware of, feel one in the same.

We’ll call it a comeback.

*This song is about reconsidering the way we view our own lives and (hopefully) using that consideration to view the rest of the world with a more open mind.  It’s about not getting bogged down by work, or routine or negative cycles of gossip and criticism of each other.  It was influenced by this talk by Chimamanda Adichie.

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