High Dive Record out now! (Ryan from defiance, ohio)

We have a new band, and we made a record.

You can get it in Bloomington at Landlocked Music, or online at noidearecords.com.  Also up for download and streaming at www.highdivetheband.bandcamp.com.  I mean, if you want.  We are pretty excited about it!

You can also find more information at www.highdivetheband.tumblr.com.  And we are going on tour soon with the Max Levine Ensemble and by ourselves, some too.

Thanks for reading,

2 Responses to “High Dive Record out now! (Ryan from defiance, ohio)”

  1. juan says:

    will you guys be touring with defiance, ohio as well?

  2. Reece says:

    Will you post a time for Chicago @ The Juicer as the date gets closer? I’ve been dying to lose my voice from sreaming along to any of your guys’ songs.


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