what we are up to…

hey. it’s been a while since we posted anything here so i thought i would just give a little bit of an update. tour on the east coast, france and england in may was really amazing.. we all had a great time and want to express gratitude to everyone who helped make it happen. since then, we have all been trying to enjoy the rest of the summer and work on our various projects. Theo has been working on a new NANA GRIZOL record. Will has been touring both with LANDLORD and AL SCORCH. Ryan has been touring and recording with PINK HOUSES. Geoff just relocated to Chicago and is adjusting to life there. BZ has been working and playing music here in bloomington. and Sherri has been working and getting ready for another semester of school at IU. We don’t have a lot of tour plans coming up soon.. but we are playing a couple exciting shows in the next two months (including the fest in gainesville). we also have plans to do some recording soon.. but no dates are set as of now. thanks a lot for paying attention to what we do.
defiance, ohio

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