what we are up to…

it’s been a while since we posted anything about our plans and what is going on with us. we have been touring a little less.. focusing on writing songs, other bands/projects, working, hanging out and (for sherri) going back to school! we’ve been getting together fairly often with Theo here in bloomington and writing and recording. we have several new songs.. 4 of them already recorded and we are talking now about the plans for the future of those. we are talking about some possible tour plans in spring and early summer. we have not decided anything as of yet but we will post shows as soon as we know more. in the mean time.. several members have other bands that will be out and about playing shows..

will’s band, LANDLORD, will be doing a long tour in jan. and feb. as well as releasing a new LP on houseplant records and 7″ split with ADD/C! you can find out more at their myspace.. http://www.myspace.com/landlordbro

theo will be recording new songs and playing shows with NANA GRIZOL. they have a 7″ split coming out with Your Heart Breaks soon. you can find out more about their plans at http://www.orangetwin.com/nanagrizol.html

ryan’s new band is called PINK HOUSES
if you would like a demo CDR please send a note and $3 to
p o box 1218
Bloomington, IN 47402
or you can download it!
go to ifyoumakeit.com

defiance, ohio

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