Orange Twin Conservation Community

Theo forwarded this press release about a project spearheaded by some people that he lives with:

On December 6, 2006, the Athens-Clarke County Commission unanimously approved the final plans for development of the Orange Twin Conservation Community with surprisingly enthusiastic support.After years of working with the local Planning Department, the members of Orange Twin finally achieved their first critical goal, with full backing from the County. There was also notable public support from the surrounding neighborhood. They now open their doors to potential shareholders and homebuilders interested in participating in the development of a community based on conservation and sustainable living. Sitting on over 155 acres of Georgia Piedmont forest, most of which is undeveloped and in the Greenbelt, the land will become the site of 45 clustered homes lining pedestrian thoroughfares throughout two separate villages, with twenty acres reserved for organic farming and a 100-acre conservation easement.

It looks like the project has a website at


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