So, in the past few months, we’ve really fallen behind in answering band e-mail. Between being on tour and Ryan and I (lately mostly Ryan’s been answering e-mail) becoming really involved with other projects, answering every message just fell on the back burner. I feel like this was the case not only for band e-mail, but for our personal correspondence as well. Please don’t take offense if we never wrote you back. If you offered kind words of support we definitely read them and appreciate them, but probably weren’t able to respond. We tried to write back with answers for most specific questions and about shows that it would be at all possible for us to play. I think that Ryan has caught up on a lot of the e-mail, so maybe it will be more manageable in the future, but I just wanted to apologize for people who we weren’t able to write back to and to let everyone know that we appreciate the correspondence, even if it ends up being one-sided.

Take care,

PS. A lot of people write us asking about details for shows. We try to post this information to the “Upcoming Shows” section of this website as soon as we know it. So, if its not up there, we probably don’t know the details yet. Sometimes people in the towns where shows are happening find out details before we do. If you know something we don’t feel free to post a comment here to help spread the word.

PPS. A lot of people also write us asking to play in their town. We might not write initially, but we save all the e-mail about different places, and when it looks like we can go somewhere, we try to get back in touch with people about playing in their towns.

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