Why The Great Depression?

The new record is now officially out on CD and can be ordered at www.noidearecords.com and we will have them along with LPs on the next tour! The free downloads will also be put up as soon as we can. here are some of geoff’s ideas about why this came to be the title for the new record…

“This idea is based on the lyrics of one of our songs, though not as directly. I thought of the idea during recording when listening to the second verse of Will’s “grandma” song, which has some of my favorite lyrics of the record. I thought it was interesting how living through the great depression left such a mark on a person that it would still be perceived by a relative a few generations removed. I think about that, or other eras of history that seem really powerful, and I think about how I feel like many people our age feel like they are living through the times and events in the world that will leave the biggest mark, not only for our collective future, but also in our own lives. Its easy to dismiss this as being a function of my peers reaching an age where they have the experience, or mobility, or knowledge to begin to think about things differently, but I recently had a discussion with my friend where she said that many of the older folks that she knows who have been really politcally concerned and active for much of their adult lives, who didn’t live through the depression perhaps, but lived through segregation, the civil rights movement, vietnam, etc. are saying that this is the worse that things have ever been. I like the phrase “the great depression” not so much because I liken my current experience to that time, but because I feel like the surrounding years in my life and that of my peers could be the ones that will be most apparent to the younger folks we tell stories to when we’re older. I think the songs really reflect the feeling of a broader collective experience. I feel like the last record’s songs were very much about our time in Columbus. This record tends to discuss broader political themes, or shared experiences, but I feel like they tend to be more universal even.”
defiance, ohio

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