i thought i would update this because it has been a little while since we have. everyone from the band has been working on projects and catching up with their own lives after touring so much this year. we are all going to get together this week (except will) and play a benefit show for boxcar books and the midwest pages to prisoners project. the information is all listed in the upcoming shows section. this will probably be the only show we will play in the next couple months and is for a good cause, so come out if you can.

a few days after the show, will is joining us here in bloomington and we are going to prepare lots more songs to be recorded right before we all go our own ways for the hoildays. there seems to be so much energy and excitement from everyone in the band about doing these last songs and finally finishing our second record! we hope to release it by febuary or so, but these things are unpredictable and nothing has been really planned as of yet. we want to finish it before we decide how and when to put it out.

i also wanted to mention another project which is finally coming together and that i am very enthusiastic about. sherri and i have been living in, and working hard on, a commercial space located at 317 e. 3rd street here in bloomington. we plan to open the space in the early weeks of 2006 as a record store / small art gallery! it is looking good and everything is coming together. it will be called Sweet Hickory and will have vinyl records, artwork and interesting things of all types made by both us and our friends. if you are interested in selling your records there or you make something that you think would fit in, please contact us! i will post more information when we decide more details about the opening and we will soon have a website as well!

thanks for reading!
ryan and defiance, ohio

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