I posted a few more details for the shows next month. Look to the right for more details. I’ll keep posting updates as I hear about them. I’m pretty excited about this tour because its been a long time since we’ve been out west. We’re playing with some rad bands, and the west coast has some neat skateparks that I want to check out. I’ve also heard that we’re trying to set up a big benefit show for huricane victims which is great.

I put the distro website back up. Right now all we have are CDs and we can screen t-shirts if you send them in. I’ll let everybody know when we have new t-shirts, patches, and pins.

Finally, if anyone knows of anyone who sets up CHEAP, ALL-AGES SHOWS IN SAN DIEGO, we would really appreciate their contact info. We want to try to play there, but have had a hard time finding a place to play.

Take care,
Geoff and Defiance, Ohio

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