Some friends of ours are involved in setting up “Seize the Week” (the event formerly known as “Punk Week” in Ann Arbor, MI. We played a show during Punk Week last year and though we aren’t going to be able to make it up this year, it still sounds really fun. Here’s the tentative schedule of events:

O.K. this is as curent as it’s gonna get please pass this around cuz i don’t have alot of e-mails. here’s our basic schedule so far, it’s subject to change at any time if we flake out or come up with any better ideas. If you want a compleat listing of events and where they are gonna be and the times and maps and stuff, you need to be at the first event which is the POTLUCK PICKNICK. Do not trust that there will be an event at the time and place writen below this is just to give you the basic idea.okay, O.K.

wednesday aug. 10th-

2:00pm- staring off with our potluck picknick to give out schedules and say hi to everyone. This will be in the sculpture park behind Natural Canvas Gallery. to get there from down town take main st. north. turn left down a stair case that is between 607 n. main and 611 n. main. this will lead you to a parking lot, you’ll see a red barn, on the left is a arch that says, sculpture park above it. go there.

8:00pm- show at the Bad Idea. bands TBA, donate a buck or two if you feel
like it.

Thursday aug 11th-

2:00pm- traveling Generator show. location TBA. bands TBA. we put equipment in the back of a truck and have five bands play in five difernt locations around town.

TIME TBA- that night there is suposed to be some kind of Zombie dress up thing, or a wheat paisting action. or both.

Friday aug. 12th-

TIME TBA-daytime will be a “totally totally Kickball” turnament. Location TBA

12:00am -generator show “Random axe of Terror” and one other band TBA

Saturday aug 13th –

TIME TBA- the 5th Buryl Giryl Mud Wrestling. location will be outside of town. There will be a ride going out there that will pick people up (at the fleetwood, ??) This will be an all day event. There will be a bon fire and camping set up if people want to spend the nigh and be given a ride home the next morning.

Sunday aug 14th-

TIME TBA- day time we’ve been thinking about haveing a bike rally or race, or something to do with bikes but that may not happen.

9:30pm- we will be showing punk/indy made movies. we will be showing “Drummer” by josh redd, “Nostalga” by Erick Lyle and some stop motion animation by Hogwash Productions,and we might have fotage of the last years shopping cart race. IF YOU HAVE MADE A MOVIE,SHORT FILM OR KNOW SOMEONE WHO HAS PLEASE LET US KNOW OR JUST BRING IT SO WE CAN SHOW IT THAT NIGHT.

Monday aug.15th-

12:00pm-Festival at the park.Will be at Whealer park. We will have some carnival type games and a three on three “i can’t play basketball turnament”, “human bowling” “lawn darts for beer” also we will hopefully have people bringing crafts, zines, records, patches or anything else to traid and buy from each other. And an open “stage” fror acustic preformers to play. This is the day that we need the most help if you have stuff to sell/traid you should bring it, if you play music come play it will be open for anyone who shows up. the idea right now is that anyone who wants to play can play as many ten minet sets as they want. also if anyone wants to set up
a game to play, they should. Also bring food to share if you can.

TIME TBA-that night will be a free show at the Nutral Zone with “7 songs” and more bands TBA.

Tuesday aug 16th-

(mostly everyone spends the day geting their shopping cart ready for the race that night. so we don’t plan any events for the day.)

11:00 pm- meet at the Fleetwood with your shopping cart and your partner and get ready for the race down main street at midnight. awards will be givein for first plase in both modified and un-modified carts, as well as best cart and best costumes. there may bebe a party or an after show or something.

ALSO – we may have a wall in town and paint for anyone to work on a mural if they want to. we could use brushes and more paint.

AND -we will have a poster makeing workshop where we will learn how to make wheat paist and posters and then we’ll use them some night. we need contaners to put the paist in and brushes and bring any posters you have already that you’d like to see put up.

if there is an event you’d like to put on, pick and open slot and let us know. thanks, and hope to see you there.

-ann arbor

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