Since we made new shirts, I packed up all the pending t-shirt orders last night and Ryan should put them in the mail today. I’m going to try to do the t-shirt screenings tonight.

Shake Got The Beets, a record label that Theo does with some other friends, has a new website. It’s at shakegotthebeets.com. Also, they’re putting out a What The Kids Want/Dear Nora 7″ that should be out really soon and that I’m very excited about.

50% of the members of Defiance, Ohio are in another band called Pretty Hot. Pretty Hot is playing what will be a really fun show tomorrow night (Wednesday, March 9 2005) in Bloomington with Dave Dean’s Musical Forklift, Ghost Mice, Rymodee, and What The Kids Want. The show is at 521 W. Wylie and starts at 7pm sharp. It’s all ages, of course. Pretty Hot should be recording at the end of this month for a split CD with Ghost Mice.

Oh yeah, I’m looking forward to the all the Defiance, Ohio shows we’re playing this month quite a bit.


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