we got into bloomington at about 4am this morning after a twelve day tour. bz, sherri, and theo were asleep in the back seat and ryan and i were having a discussion/debate in the front seat. debating when extremely tired often doesn’t go anywhere, but it makes the drive go fast and keeps you awake. as we groggily climbed out of the van, the air was warmer than we expected, but not as warm as the florida nights of a few days prior. tour was real fun, a nice combination of seeing family, old friends, familiar places, and places we’d never been before. thanks to everyone who set up shows, offered us food or a place to stay, all the bands that played shows, and everyone who hung out and conversed.

the plan is to hang out, have lots of band practice, work on new songs, cook healthy dinners, enjoy being in bloomington, and not let having to work and cold weather turn into the mope.

geoff and defiance, ohio

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