We’ve been pretty bad about updating this recently.

We just got back from playing two real fun shows in Kentucky. Thanks to the Ourfarm kids, Anthony, and everyone who set those things up. Thanks to What The Kids Want, Ghost Mice, Zumm Zumm, Spoonboy, Justin Rhody, and everyone who came along for making Bloomington run posse deep. Also, it was nice to see friends from Ohio that I haven’t seen in a while.

Over Halloween, Sherri came into town and we all became zombies for Bloomington’s zombie parade which grew in size since last year. There is nothing like walking past a befuddled security guard and looking over his shoulder to see security monitors flooded with images of zombies. Bz, Ryan, and I all played in cover bands on Halloween. Bz played in a Minor Threat cover band, and Ryan and I played in a Misfits cover band.

Will is living in Eureka California right now so friends like Theo and Zak have been helping us out by filling in when we’ve been playing shows. Bz, Ryan, and I have been slowly writing new songs in the warmth of Ryan’s bedroom which has been pretty fun.

The artwork for the Defiance, Ohio/One Reason split is at the printers or maybe it’s back from the printers. In any case, it’s real exciting that the record is finally out, or almost out. It’s being kindly put out by Jer on his label, Anti-Creative records.

We’ve been talking about doing an East/Southeast tour in late January or February, then to somewhere across an ocean or other national border some time in May. There aren’t any details for this yet. We’re still trying to figure things out.



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