“In religion and politics, people’s beliefs and convictions are in almost every case gotten at second hand, and without examination.”

-Mark Twain


During June 18-20 there will be an amazing number of punk kids from different places and backgrounds all together in the same place at the Plan-It-X 10 Year Anniversary Fest. This coming-together of punks comes at a time when the political climate of the US and the world is crazier than it’s ever been before and the need for community and political concern, involvement, and action is enormous. Punk has always been connected with political action or concern, so we’re holding a punk “town meeting” at the fest so people can tell each other about what’s been on our political minds.

This is not a workshop and it’s not a debate. It’s a chance for you, in 3-5 minutes, to say the most important things that have been on your mind, what confuses you, what concerns you, or what you’re trying to do about the next year in politics and our society. We want to try to hear people coming from lots of different perspectives and not just the expected “punk” point of view. We want to hear from people who people who have never considered themselves to be “political” at all as much as we want to hear from those who have been heavily involved in activism. We want to celebrate the things we do but also be critical and open to change. More than anything, we want to get a better understanding of what each other’s concerns and get ideas to think about and discuss throughout the fest and to take back to our friends, families, jobs, and communities.

Some of the things that we’re interested in talking about are punk participation in voting and the politics surrounding elections and the role of the punk community within communities at large. We’re also excited to hear what ideas or issues you think are important.

We need your help! If you’re interested in speaking for 3-5 minutes about your political ideas, concerns, apathy, action, or confusion, please email punktownmeetingatterrorwaredotcom with a summary of what you’d like to talk about. If you have any questions or suggestions about the event, please email about that too.

We’re still trying to work out the details of the event and we’ll post more information as we know it.


Geoff + Ryan

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