bz, ryan, sherri (at least for a few shows), the spoonboy, and i leave tomorrow to play shows out to the west coast on the way to meeting will in hawaii. we’re really excited. thanks to everyone in bloomington who helped us get ready for tour (and stay sane) by screenprinting lp covers, making buttons, stuffing cd inserts, playing some fun shows, and hanging out.

the cds and the lps are almost ready and if you’ve sent in a distro order, we’re trying really hard to send things out before we leave. while we’re away, our roommate and dear friend sparky is going to take care of the distro orders for us which we really appreciate.

we’re really excited about all the amazing bands that we’re going to get to play with, both at shows and those along on tour with us. thumb wrestling champion the spoonboy is going to be playing acoustic songs with us at the shows from february 12-21 and the bay area shows. the one reason punks from cleveland, ms are going to be playing shows with us from march 21 to april 7. the always amazing madeline (and her band!) is coming along march 21-27. the fabulous pop punk sensation that max levine ensemble is meeting up with us for some mid-atlantic shows from april 1-4, as is hissyfit (which is a punk band from philly featuring members of abe froman and the great clearing off) from april 2-5 and april 10. finally, our friends from bloomington, the door-keys are playing some shows in the midwest from april 12-16.

we’ll see you soon.



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