To everyone who did a show for us on tour, brought food to a potluck, gave us a place to stay, sang along at a show, or hung out with us, you made this a really amazing experience for us that was more than I could have excpected/hoped for. This tour was so amazing – we had the privilege of going on tour with some of the most creative and talented musicians I can think of who also happen to be some of the most sincere people that I can think of. I never got tired of seeing Madeline; Dinosaurs, Baseball, and Hopscotch; and Gal & Lad play awesome songs every night. We were also lucky enough to ride along with Mary from Little Rock who in addition to being great (and a great driver) runs a great book distro called Tree of Knowledge.

Every show was awesome and special in it’s own way. From seeing old friends in Columbus to Cake, Pirates Brew (Dylan’s version of Kool-Aid made with Root Beer instead of water) and good times in Robin’s living room in Louisville to root beer keg stands and arms-around-your-neighbor singalongs in Detroit to cozy living rooms, hot apple cider, and Ryan exchanging stories about metal bands in Oberlin to college visitation and pesto in Cleveland to zombie pits, .99 breakfast, and border corssings in Buffalo to wild times and a game of telephone over indian food in Pittsburgh it was a wonderful experience. I fealt like I got to strenghten my relationship with old friends and make a lot of new friends. In a world where we’re constantly frustrated and made to feel afraid of each other it was nice to realize that we can still experience things, share things, and build things together.

All the best – and I hope to see everyone sooner rather than later,


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