i saw some message board posts today that seemed to suggest that there was an expectation that we would play yesterday (08/13) in cleveland with kiwi. while we would have loved to have played, people’s personal commitments dictated that the last show of tour was on the 9th in lousville. this is how it’s been planned for a long time, and we’re sorry if there was any indication otherwise. we’re especially sorry because this is the second time that we were listed as playing a show in cleveland that we didn’t know about (the first time being with latterman at fort totally awesome in july). it’s not a big deal. doing shows, especially diy shows, is hard and its easy for there to be miscommunication from both ends. we’re just sorry if there was any confusion for anybody, and i hope that you all enjoyed kiwi who are awesome.

the website at is the best source for the most up to date information about shows we’re going to play.



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