i told someone that i hoped what the show lacked in attendence would be made up for in drunken revelry. even though we were only asked to play the show on monday, and i ended up being responsible for the show on wednesday afternoon, it turned out that attendance wasn’t really that lacking and though it was pretty drunken, it was in the fun good way and not in the make geoff mad and go to his room and listen to firestorm way. reserrectum, the k10 prospect, and the carrie nations were all awesome and despite the fact that i had lost my voice, i was dancing all night long. thanks to the hag collective (and brian and jonnie, the hag collective’s men’s auxiliary) for letting us do the show there even though we pissed off the neighbor, for cooking some awesome food for the bands before the show, and for giving the 18 or so kids who came from out of town some floor/couch space for sleeping. it was the best time ever.

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