think nothing happens on the third coast? think again!

the midwest zine fest=three days of sharing skills and ideas, trading zines and projects, dance parties and shows (e.g. what the kids want, north lincoln, xXXXx, the tropposcatter, and the microcosm kids doing the speaking tour thing), and more fun community building activites. think zine kid summer camp and coming back with tons of inspiration and ideas and a long list of new people to write letters to and collarborate on awesome projects with! this promises to be an awesome event but we need your help/input/ideas.

the website for this is www.geocities.com/xeroxthis.

update: it seems that we’ll definitely be back from tour then and that ryan from the band, and chad who might as well be in the band for all the help he gives us are doing a puppet show at the fest. but who really cares about puppets. the big news is that jessika has thrown down the gauntlet and challenged us to detroit vs. columbus soccer! after running off my big mouth this has escalated into ohio vs. michigan soccer, so if any kids from a state that doesn’t suck (i.e. ohio) are interested in playing some soccer, e-mail me at ghing at pa dot net and we can try to get a team together to represent.

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