a lot of shows are still up in the air. this is how things stand as of 03.05

Friday 03.21 Allentown, PA

Saturday 03.22 Philadelphia, PA w/ The Good Good

Sunday 03.23 Providence, RI w/ The Good Good

Monday 03.24 NYC, NY w/ The Good Good

Tuesday 03.25 Washington, DC

Wednesday 03.26 Richmond, VA

Thursday 03.27 Day Off (bz says, “let’s go to the beach”)

Friday 03.28 Athens, GA

Saturday 03.29 Asheville, NC w/ asschapel, shovelfight (thrashy melodic hardcore craziness) and stammer (totally amazing and brutal death metal stoner grind)

Sunday 03.30 Madison, IN w/ The K10 Prospect

Monday 03.31 Detroit, MI

— break for school (insert boos from will and ryan here) —

Friday 04.04 Bloomington, IN @ The Bottom of the Hill w/ Abe Fromann , The Max Levine Ensemble

Saturday 04.05 Columbus, OH w/ Abe Fromann , The Max Levine Ensemble

Sunday 04.06 Pittsburgh, PA w/ Abe Froman, The Max Levine Ensemble

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