MARCH 2015 w/ Purple 7 and High Dive

Friday, March 13th, 8:00pm
Chicago, IL @ Fizz
3320 N. Lincoln, $10 (tickets)
(no High Dive at this show)

Saturday, March 14th
Detroit, MI @ Trumbullplex
4210 Trumbull
w/ Bonnie Doone

Sunday, March 15th, 8:30pm
Lakewood, OH @ Mahall’s 20 Lanes
13200 Madison Ave., $8 (tickets)
w/ Meridian

Monday, March 16th, 6:00pm
Buffalo, NY @ Sugar City
1239 Niagara St.

Tuesday, March 17th, 7:30pm (must end by 10:30pm)
Jamaica Plain, MA @ Spontaneous Celebrations
45 Danforth St., $10-20 sliding scale ($5 suggested for youth/low-income)
w/ Evan Greer & Friends, Myriam Ortiz

Wednesday, March 18th, 8:00pm
Brooklyn, NY @ Shea Stadium
20 Meadow St., $8 adv/$10 day of (tickets)
w/ Milk Dick

Thursday, March 19th, 8:00pm
Richmond, VA @ The Camel
1621 W. Broad St., $10 (tickets)
w/ Pedals on Our Pirate Ships

Friday, March 20th, 7:00pm
Washington, D.C. @ St. Stephen’s
1525 Newton St. NW, $6-12
w/ Mischief Brew

Saturday March 21st, 7:30pm
Philadelphia, PA @ First Unitarian Church
2125 Chestnut St., $12 (tickets)
w/ Mischief Brew

501 Responses to “Upcoming Shows”

  1. @Augustin Guyot,

    I think the Paris date is likely to be our only one in France. A number of us have to get back to the States pretty quickly after tour. It’s a shame we can’t make it to Bordeaux as I’ve enjoyed my time there in the past.


  2. Danielle says:

    POMONA, CA!!!! Please. It would make me the happiest girl 🙂

  3. johannes says:

    3.9. maybe Erlangen?

  4. Augustin Guyot says:

    Hej Geoff no worries!

    I already bought my train tickets, I definitely can’t miss a Defiance, Ohio show 🙂
    On your last tour because of a conflicting schedule I managed to miss you in Bordeaux, I was in Paris at the time, and to miss you in Paris too cause I was in the train ^^ BUT I was really lucky and could catch you for your second show in Paris suburbs that night of may 2009 and it was just totally amazingly great 🙂
    So this time I’m not leaving anything to chance and I will see you play!

    See you in September then!
    Take care.

  5. Rob says:

    All the way across the pond and no stop in Ireland. Wha???

  6. willlie says:

    you guys really need to come to L.A i will book the fuck out of you guys

  7. willlie says:

    yo guys we would love to see you in los angeles ! you have many fans out here maybe sometime in the begging of 2013??? im a promoter and would love to book you guys 🙂

  8. Harry says:

    3.9. vienna?

  9. @Rob, I know, I know. This tour has to be a bit short because many of us have other obligations or projects we’re excited about back home. Trying to strike a balance …

  10. Vanessa says:

    Tampa, FL! or anywhere close!?!? we’d be honored.

  11. Nine says:

    How about Leipzig on 3 September?

  12. Rob says:

    Wow what a stroke of luck. I was pissed you weren’t coming to Ireland, now it turns out I’ll be in NYC when you’re playing. Ecstatic.

  13. Devon says:

    Where can I get tickets for the show in Cleveland? I really don’t want to miss an opportunity to see one of my favorite bands live.

  14. @Devon, I don’t know the details that show yet. Please check back here as we’ll post details for the web as they get hashed out.

    Some of our shows may be at DIY venues (if I recall, for instance, the last time we played in Cleveland it was at a rented church hall) and don’t have tickets. Just show up!

    Hope to see you when we get to Cleveland,

  15. eric says:

    Hey, glad to hear you guys are coming to NYC and seeing you live for the first time. I just had two things to say so I really hope someone reads this. So you all are playing in a club called europa? Some more details would be good but if im correct, the club europa in greenpoint has gotten terrible reviews and playing there would most likely ruin the night for most of your fans. Please try and change venues (unless im wrong and its another club europa. In that case, please update info to reflect that). Cannot wait to see you!

  16. Johnny says:

    Will y’all be playing in Bloomington any time soon?

  17. Ryan Woods says:

    @Johnny, Yes! (if you mean Bloomington, IN an not Bloomington, IL). We’re playing at the Owlery on September 8!

  18. Ryan Woods says:

    @eric, it is Europa in Greenpoint. We’ve played there before and it’s always been pretty decent. I think it’ll be okay.

  19. Javier says:

    Chance of a show in Chicago?

  20. @Javier, not this time around, but my other band Hinged is Chicago-based and playing a number of shows in the coming months.

  21. Adrec DeRue says:

    It would be truly fantastic if you guys would come to New York, and no not the city. Like Western or Upstate New York! =]

  22. @Adrec, what city in WNY?

  23. Luke Lundy says:

    Are you guys playing in Columbus sometime in the near future? I missed your show in Cleveland due to moving to OSU 🙁

  24. Hecturd says:

    PLEASE PLEASEEE PRETTY PLEASEEEEEEE come to CALIFORNIA SOON , the last time you guys were here was early LAST year and it has been way too long.
    i will drive anywhere in CA to see you guys!!!!!!!!!!!!! there are many many fans out here who are dying to see you guys!especially in Los Angeles please consider:)
    thanks .

  25. Sean says:

    Come back to Tucson! Saw you guys at Dry River and loved the shit out of it.

  26. Jenn says:

    You guys should add a show in Chicago! You’re going to be so close by, in Indiana! We would love to see you here. I know I would be there! Please consider it! I NEED to see you guys live.

  27. Dani says:

    California, please? Preferably Southern Cali but I will settle for anywhere. :]

  28. Andrew Dunham says:

    Hey guys, maybe an all-ages show in Chicago? Thanks.

  29. @Andrew Dunham and @Jenn Sorry we weren’t able to make it up to Chicago. But, I live there now and am playing a couple of shows there with a new band called Hinged over the next few months.

  30. Ryan Persichilli says:

    Come to New Brunswick, NJ. We want to hear, we want you here, we need you here

  31. Adrec DeRue says:

    @Geoffrey Hing Rochester is the closest city but I’d also be fine with Syracuse. Really anything but New York City/Long Island.

  32. Adrec DeRue says:

    @Geoffrey Rochester would be wonderful but I’d really try and make a trip to anywhere but NYC/Long Island area seeing as I’m in college up in Northern New York now.

  33. Bobby says:

    Please come to L.A!!!!!!!

  34. Ryan says:

    please come to nashville soon!

  35. sina says:

    PLEASE! come to Portland! we miss you!

  36. taylor drake says:

    hey when are you guys coming out west to california? i would love see you guys play. you all became one of my favorite bands i know of. have you heard of the wild? there pretty good. anyways if you make it out this way you can stay and play at my house in south lake tahoe california. well my name is taylor. just wishing take care comrades

  37. ben says:

    Any idea when defiance,ohio is going to start touring again?

  38. Luke says:

    “Eureka!”, for I have a wonderful idea! I am aware you have “A Lot To Do” although I believe you should add Toronto to “The List” on your next tour, hopefully “This Year”.”Now, Now Now” I know you can’t make any “Promises” but I am “Anxious And Worrying” to see you guys “Call it a Comeback” and decide to play Toronto again. You may think, “Enough is Enough” with that city but i can assure you lots of “Sweet dudes + sweet ladies” is surly “The Reason” to come back. “Oh, Cheri”, I will even buy you some “Cigarettes”

  39. Turbomongol says:

    If you’re ever in our neck of the woods (Lausanne, Switzerland) or have any friends touring through def give us a shout. We squatted a house a year ago and it’s still going strong…We put on shows pretty often and it would be so awesome to see a band I sing along to on rainy days play at our house!

  40. Luke says:


  41. Ian says:

    Thanks for coming to Detroit recently. I stumbled upon your show on the way home from a friends house. It changed my life. Love you guys

  42. John says:

    Come to Bowling Green, OH! Close to the town you’re named after but with a pretty good music scene. You’d be a hit at Howard’s Club H.

  43. Chris Frederick says:

    What time is the February 17th show (Purple 7/Apache Dropout) in Columbus?

  44. bill says:

    time to come back to vancouver,bc?a fabulous venue for you guys would be ,the electric owl.i’ll buy 10 tickets at least.

  45. Mark says:

    Please play in Jersey sometime soon dudes

  46. Kenzie Sanders says:

    You all should come to Huntington, West Virginia. Your music is ridiculously good!

  47. Bobby says:

    I love your music so much! Please come to L.A soon

  48. Jon says:

    You guys should come to Palm Springs

  49. Wenjing says:

    Swing by Iceland on your way to Europe!

  50. giada says:

    Italy ??!!!!!!!! <3

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