The Purple 7 is a band that features Will from DEFIANCE, OH/LANDLORD, Chris Mott from LANDLORD, and Patrick Jennings from the HOT NEW MEXICANS. Conceived in Chris’s attic and Will’s basement at MAGNETIC SOUTH on several experimental 4 track sessions while on leave from Landlord, the band has taken on new dimensions since Patrick arrived in town and set up shop in a suburban style studio on the south side of Bloomington. We were destined, it seems, to be in a band together. Our first 5 song record (one sided 12″ 45 rpm on marbled purple & black vinyl with an engraving on the back) will be available from Let’s Pretend records ( on October 4th and to celebrate we are setting out on our debutante midwestern tour. See the list of shows in the “Family” section of this website. If you’re curious and need to know more, please visit our tumblr ( or check out our bandcamp (www.basementpop, and if you live in the midwest, come out and say hello.

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