The Owlery Restaurant in Bloomington!

hey guys!

Toby Foster and i, with the help of lots of friends, are opening a vegetarian restaurant in Bloomington!!
The Owlery Vegetarian Restaurant is opening March 5th!!
On march 5th and 6th (Saturday and Sunday) we will be open for dinner from 5PM to 10PM. 212 s. Rogers st. in Bloomington.
The whole menu will be offered, however, there will not be set prices. You will be able to try out the food and pay as little or as much as you like!! (the future prices will be listed on the menu) This will give our staff a chance to ease into their new jobs and a chance for friends to check out the food.
Starting March 7th, We will be open for lunch and dinner.
Then, on march 26th we will have a “grand opening” which will mark the start of our late night hours! More information on that event will be posted in a couple weeks.
Please let your friends know and come join us on the 5th or 6th!!


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  1. janets says:

    I have a great collection vintage of plates etc i would be willing to give to the owlery if you like
    even some birds and owls
    some vinatge glasses
    and i am not working this week and could drive them to you
    best of luck

  2. johnny B says:

    Ive been a fan of you guys ever sine my X gave me a mixed tape with some of your songs on it in 2002-03(somewhere around there.) Im from SE michigan but im gonna try my damndest to get out there and try your food. and ill bring some ppl with me. how could I not go to a vegetarian restaurant called the owlery. I mean come on . . and makin it so everyone can try it, thats rad.

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