AUSTRALIA 2011 dates posted! also, more shows with Theo, Ryan and Toby!

hey everyone!

there are now tentative dates posted for our Australia tour in early 2011!!  We are very excited to be going back.

Fest 9 was really fun and amazing..  thanks to all the folks that came out to our show along with the Landlord and the Ryan/Theo/Toby shows!

defiance, ohio at fest 9

Also, Theo and I had an amazing tour with our friend, Toby Foster, playing shows to and from the fest.  So much so, that we are going to play 4 more shows in December with our all queer trio!  Like last time, it will be Ryan, Theo and Toby playing songs by Defiance, Ohio, Nana Grizol and Toby Foster on the upright bass, Wurlitzer piano and acoustic guitars.  We are going to go to normal, il, Chicago, Milwaukee and Grand Rapids this time around.  All the dates and information can be found and will be updated at the bottom of the upcoming shows section.

hope to see you at the shows!


Ryan and Defiance, Ohio

6 Responses to “AUSTRALIA 2011 dates posted! also, more shows with Theo, Ryan and Toby!”

  1. Jesse says:

    Does the band have plans to visit Europe in the near future?
    Does hope exist?

  2. Neil says:

    Any plans to come over to Western Australia. Would love to see you here!!!!!!!

  3. K.. says:

    Tour New Zealand after Australia???. Otherwise i might have to resort to illegal things for cash and flying on an aeroplane.

  4. @K.. Sorry, I don’t think we can make it to New Zealand after Australia. Personally, I’ve got some responsibilities at home to get back to. Hopefully we can make it to NZ some day.

  5. @Neil And I’d like to see that part of the country too, but I’m not sure if we can swing it in terms of time/$.

  6. Neil says:

    Ok Geoffrey I understand. If you do make it, I will buy each member of the band a beer (or wine).

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