An Interview! and about T-shirts….

hello everyone!

so.. i thought i would post a link to this interview we did with punknews, since we don’t do many interviews. for the most part, we kinda never got very into doing them because they never seemed to ask very meaningful questions and (for larger publications) waste a lot of paper. this one i felt OK about and it is on the internet so the only thing it can really waste is your time if you don’t enjoy it. you can find it here..

also, if you sent a shirt in the last months to get printed.. i’m sorry.. we got way, way behind. BUT.. BZ came over the other day and helped me get all caught up. so, you might be getting a package quite soon!

ryan and defiance, ohio

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  8. Matt says:

    Still awaiting my t-shirt. Been a few months. Please tell me I didn't waste a white shirt…

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