we leave in two days for tour and we are very excited. all of the information is now posted for the shows except for the locations of the Minneapolis and Asheville shows. we will add the information for those shows (from tour) just as soon as we know for sure where they will be held. also, our good friend Steven (who you might recognize from the cover of the great depression) will be joining us on tour distributing books and literature for microcosm publishing and playing films when possible. he will be at all the shows until Detroit, then meet back with us at the fest in Florida.
our new record; the fear, the fear, the fear is now mixed and mastered and ready to go! it will be released on no idea ( and, if all goes flawlessly, will be ready in time for the fest 6 in Florida in about a month. no idea will probably sell pre-orders and post an mp3 while we are away. when we return we will post the songs for free download like always!!
the t-shirt benefit is going really well. thanks so much to those who ordered already.
thank you to everyone who helped with tour.
defiance, ohio
p.s. several people have written asking if it is possible to buy tickets for the 2nd philadelphia show (at the resturant). it is not.. however you can buy tickets the day of the show (for the later show) at the door of the earlier show (at the church) they will be selling them until 6pm. if you are worried about the later show selling out, this would be the best thing to do.

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