turning five years old + A NEW RECORD!

in a few weeks we are going to finish up a new record. it will be released in october on NO IDEA and has a tenative title of “the fear, the fear, the fear”. it is 10 songs in about 24 minutes!! it’s short but we are very enthusiastic about it. we also have quite a bit of tour plans. most of the east coast/midwest tour for october is now set up. in january, we will be doing a few shows on the way out west and about four shows in california followed by, a now confirmed, australian tour! thanks so much for all the show requests over the last month.. i wish we could go everywhere, but in reality we can only cover so much ground in three weeks. i hope it works out that, if we could not do a show in your area, one of the shows is nearby. for those of you close to bloomington.. we will be having a five year anniversary party on saturday, september 29th! we won’t be playing at the party.. just hanging out with friends. we will post more details about party as it comes nearer.
defiance, ohio

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