digital media update + go to the art show!

So I did some minor changes with the digital audio files of the Defiance, Ohio songs on this site. They are now all hosted at which should improve download speeds and have better uptime. The Internet Archive is a pretty amazing project and while you’re there downloading our audio, you should check out some of the other things on the site. In addition to our recordings, there are some live recordings of us and other sweet artists that Aaron from Maine has posted. There’s a bunch of other really cool audio and video, all freely available, on that site. Check it out.

Also, some folks involved with the project have been kind enough to let us use their tracker to distribute Defiance, Ohio recordings via bittorrent. If you know how to use bittorrent, please go to and download and seed the Defiance, Ohio torrents to help make them more available. If you’re new to using bittorrent, I would recommend checking out the free Azureus software.

Oh yeah, seriously, people who can make it to Bloomington tomorrow, Friday May 12 should really go to Ryan and Sherri’s art opening at their gallery and record store, Sweet Hickory (317 E. 3rd St in downtown Bloomington). I saw Ryan and our friend Chiara’s paintings yesterday, and some of the things Sherri was working on and it’s all really cool. Not only will there be some awesome art from some amazing young artists, but Leah Yeppi who I think plays grunge influenced folk songs and who others say sounds like Ani DiFranco is going to perform and Dan Polito who plays in the band Karate for Kids is going to be spinning records. Its going to be so cool.


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