I don’t know where to start. I am pretty sure I can speak for the whole band that this past three months has been an experience like nothing before in our lives. There are so many people to thank, I know that I can’t list them all here. Thanks to Christophe!, Julien, Gael, Murielle, Felix, Charlie, Andrew, Pall, and Viktor for making the European tour what it was. There were so many people who worked together to make it such a great time for us, it seems silly to just list these main organizers. From the first show in Iceland to the last show in Paris we experienced nothing but overwhelming hospitality. It gave me a lot of hope to meet so many people, so spread out, whom I could identify with. Thank you all so much.

When we returned in June we had a couple weeks which we spent visiting family, spending time alone and catching up with friends. Then, right before leaving for the next section of tour, we recorded seven new songs at Farm Fresh studios in Bloomington with Jake. It was a great recording experience. We plan on recording a few more songs this year at some point and releasing a new record.. But no plans are set.

Plan-it-x tour…. A sincere thanks to all the thirty (give or take a few at any given time) people on the bus. I never would have imagined that many people getting along so well for a month. There were times I wanted nothing more than to be finished and go home, but it was totally worth it. I don’t know that we did anything profound or really accomplished anything at all, But I know that it was thirty days and thirty people who I will never forget and I miss being on that bus.

Besides recording, we have tenative plans to do a short tour with This Bike is a Pipebomb in mid-October on the west coast! It will be about ten or so shows and we are making plans for it now.. Please get in touch if you would like to help. Otherwise, we only have plans to take time to ourselves, work and try to enjoy the rest of summer. Thanks so much for reading and your interest in what we do.

Ryan and defiance, ohio

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