Sherri!… Will!……. and Theo?

since we haven’t updated this in a while i thought i would explain a little about what has been going on with us. For the most part we have all just been working a lot at our low wage jobs, working on personal projects and writing new songs. Last week, Sherri offically moved to Bloomington! It has been really amazing to be able to hang out with her and we have been making lots of meals together and she taught geoff how to knit. Sherri now lives with BZ. So the only down side to the four of us being in the same town is that Will is living in CA. He seems to really love it there, which is great but we miss him. While he has been gone, Theo Hilton (aka nana grizol and member of zumm zumm) has been filling in on drums and writing new songs with us. Will is working on new songs as well and we plan to get together at times and combine everything. Because of his distance, i am sad to say that at the shows surrounding the inaguration and for the short Febuary tour to the south, Will will not be with us. He will return for the tour to Europe, the shows leading up to it and plan-it-x tour. Then at those times, it seems he and Theo are both going to continue to play. We are really excited about writing new stuff and we hope to record a second record in 2005. Thanks for all the help with tour so far and the random e-mails and letters, they mean a lot to us.


ryan and defiance, ohio

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