[friday] [december 17] [2004]

[the fuck what you heard house] [628 s washington st] [the awesome block] [bloomington, in]

[8 pm] [$donation] [all ages]


[defiance, ohio]

thoughtful basement string ensemble punk rock played with acoustic guitar, violin, upright bass, and drums. mp3s/oggs of everything at http://defianceohio.terrorware.com/audio.php


bloomington two (soon to be three) piece suspension of layered melodic guitars and found-sound textures. strange yet melodic and beautiful.

[+ a benefit raffle, and more tba]

a gift certificate from roadworthy guitars, merch from local bands, banjo lessons, and the grand prize, a 1950s Stella acoustic guitar will all be raffled off to help benefit the cafe!

[about the end of the line] [http://www.endofthelinecafe.tk/]

the end of the line cafe is a worker-owned, collectively run cafe in pensacola, florida. worker-owned and collectively run means that the cafe is not owned by a corporation, investors, or managers. it’s owned by the hard working group of people that serve the coffee and wash the dishes. the cafe stays open through the hard work of many volunteers. in a neighborhood that is quickly being overrun with wealthy homeowners and homogenous corporate development, the end of the line works hard to make inexpensive vegetarian food, fair trade coffee, and internet access available to all. the cafe also serves as a show space for cheap, all-ages shows and a gathering place for the community.

as was the case with many pensacola businesses, the cafe was severely damaged as a result of this past autumn’s hurricanes. your generous donations at this benefit will help them pay for repairs and other much needed expenses. together, we can show that businesses that put community and ideals ahead of profits can survive and flourish even in the midst of adversity. together, we can show that Bloomington supports groups of people doing positive things both in our community and others.



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