so, in the last few days we have actually had quite a few new things come out.

-our split 7″ with one reason is finished and is available from anti-creative records! ( thanks so much to jer, greg blakemore, ginger, lexie and greg h. for making this record happen.. we are very proud to be a part of it.

-a CD version of “share what ya got” has been release by some friends in france. this version also includes the two songs that are on the one reason split. it is available in all of europe for 6 euros ppd. information on ordering will be added here when we know it. thank you julien, gael and murielle for all your work on this.. it means a lot to us. we have plans for a european tour in may.

-ten fingers collective acoustic comp. we have three songs on this new live acoustic cd. it is available from the collective.. it is a pleasure to share this compilation with so many really good friends.. thanks a lot to aaron and all the punks of portland, maine. for ordering information, or just more info about the collective, you can visit their web site.

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