This isn’t a Defiance, Ohio show, but Geoff and Ryan from Defiance, Ohio as well as Cathy from Pitfall! (and the PIX fest yellow shirts) and Theo from Zumm Zumm have a band together called Pretty Hot that is playing next week.


@ The Hiney Hole (715 E. 2nd St. Bloomington, Indiana)

7 PM – All Ages – Bring a donation for the touring bands!

812.336.4412 or geoff at terrorware dot com for info!

// ERIK PETERSEN (Philadelphia, PA)

Playing as “Mischief Brew”, this great singer-songwriter combines elements of folk, old-time, and punk music into nice acoustic songs. His music is a wonderful combination of talented (but not wanky) guitar-playing and colorful lyrics that go beyond typical folk “protest songs” or social commentary.

Website at

MP3s at

// EVIL ROBOT US’ (Buffalo, NY)

You could call this band featuring two acoustic guitars and drums folk-punk, but I would definitely put the emphasis on the punk. This is one of the most potent bands of the genre and they play raucous sing-along anthems.

Website at

MP3 at


Dance punk!

// PRETTY HOT (Bloomington, IN)

Pop punk with a little weirdness thrown in from members of Defiance, Ohio; Zumm Zumm; and “The Yellow Shirts” from Plan-It-X fest.

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