thanks for visitng our new website (courtesy of geoff) ! we have all been taking a lot of time to do personal things since spring tour. however, right before the plan-it-x fest we got together and recorded seven songs with our friend greg here in bloomington. they just got finished a few days ago. five of them (three new ones, an otherwise unreleased re-recorded song from our demo tape and a gorilla biscuits cover) will be released in just a few weeks as a split CD with ghost mice (who also provided five songs) on plan-it-x. we are really excited about this. the other two songs will be released some time in the near future on a 7″ split with one reason!!! all the songs will be posted as free downloads on the website as soon as the CDs or records are released. the fest was amazing… it was so overwelming to see so many really great people in our small town. thanks especially to those of you who attended the punk town meeting that geoff and i held at rhino’s. i was quite nevous and not much of a speaker.. but i hope it offered something positive to your time spent in bloomington. besides releasing the CD, we are planning a few shows at the end of july up north (wisconsin + minnesota) and a short east coast tour in august. a good chunk of summer tour will be with soophie nun squad. we are really excited for that as well. all the show’s information will be posted in the up coming shows section as we recieve it. thanks once again for all the incredible letters and e-mails.. it really makes doing this band worthwhile.


ryan and defiance, ohio

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