sorry that we haven’t put up information about these shows. here’s the deal:

the early show is on vashon island at a space called crux and it’s at 3pm.

to get there from downtown seattle:

Take the West Seattle Bridge Exit, and go to the West Seattle Bridge.

This should put you on Fauntleroy Way. Go down Fauntlery Way  through West Seattle. There should be some twist and turns, but just stay on Fauntleroy. After a while, it becomes a two lane road. At that point, watch for the Fauntleroy Ferry Dock on your right.

These are the times the Ferry leaves Fauntleroy around the time of the show







The boat takes 15 minutes to cross, so keep that in mind.

Once on the other side, go down Vashon Highway (the main road). This will take you into the town of Vashon. The Crux is located across the street from the theater, next to the chevron.

the show at night in seattle is at the maniquin house at 3015 southwest orleans st. it starts around 8 or 9 pm.

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