we just got back a few days ago from playing a really fun show in little rock with the always amazing soophie nun squad and the magic cropdusters. the show was a benefit for our friend mary’s book distro, tree of knowledge. it seems like the benefit was pretty successful, and it will definitely help keep the distro going, especially after the theft of the distro’s computer and other materials last year. things like tree of knowledge are really inspiring to me and they are an example of one of the things that is most important to me about “punk culture”. more than anything that has ever been a part of my life, punk rock seems to offer so many opportunities to do amazing, important things that mean a lot to them and their communities. tree of knowledge is what one woman does, others might play in bands, or publish zines, or be involved in activism, or run diy spaces or businesses – whatever it is, i’m amazed by all of it.

we have a new web host. i found some web hosting for free that gave us a little more space to put up stuff like video. thanks again to jason at who was kind enough to host the site for the last few months. i put up all the show photos and flyers that i had lying around and they can be found here or on the past shows page.

this isn’t a defiance, ohio show, but pretty hot, the band that ryan and i are in with cathy from pitfall is playing a show with karate for kids (cleveland punk) and clan of the cave bear (noisy cleveland two-piece). the show is on friday, january 9th at 8pm at the nba jam house in bloomington (at the corner of 13th and fairview sts.)

happy new year,


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