Brian MacKenzie Infoshop

1426 9th Street NW

Washington DC 20001


as i was cleaning up my room today, i found a flyer that i had been given on tour by some nice people in dc who mikeal talked to who were starting an infoshop/community space. as of today, may 5th, dc has an infoshop. so, if you’re in the area, check it out.

they say, “The BMC Infoshop will be a non-profit, cooperatively-run spacec at 9th and P St. NW, Washington, DC that distributes and sells radical literature, music, and more. The space will provide free computer and internet access, a radical library, an activist event bulletin board and help plug people into the local activist community by distributing info, providing a space for people to meet and hosting concerts, speakers, zine fairs and other events regularly. We intend to make available free information to connect activists and the community to resources and groups working on affordable housing, health care, DIY womyn’s health, prisoner support, animal rights, and more. We are an open collective that makes decisions by consensus and operates in an anti-authoritarian, non-hiearchical manner. We are anti-capitalist and work against racism, sexism, homophobia and all forms of discrimination. We work to promote and support the fight for global justice and total liberation.”

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