So we’re finally back from tour and although we’re really sad that our van broke down on the way to the last show in Pittsburgh and that we had to say goodbye to all our friends, old and new who we met on tour, we had a great time. There were the rough spots, of course, but tour was way more amazing than any of us could have expected. Thanks so much to everyone who played with us, came to see the shows, gave us a place to say, or fed us. It means the world.

We’re taking a bit of a break. Will, Ryan, Mikeal, and Chad are all traveling for a while. BZ and I are finishing up with school. However, in the short term we’re going to try to do some demos for some new songs, record our hardcore band, Total Turri, and maybe a few acoustic songs on the 4-track. It should be awesome.

Also, after the first round of travels, we’re going to be playing a show in Cleveland on the 29th with Against Me! and allegedly Killed In Action. It will be total carnage. The show is at Fort Totally Awesome and it should be totally awesome.

Anyway, thanks for an awesome tour, the letters, and the emails. We’ll see you soon.



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