so we finished recording, mixing, and mastering for the new cd that we hope to have for tour. thanks so much to chris common for making things sound great. this kid is only 20 or something, but his knowledge of recording and taste in equipment is amazing. when i got to the studio i was petrified because i figured that with all his sweet equipment and professionalism, he would be pretty annoyed at my crappy guitar playing, but this wasn’t the case as he was totally layed back and recording was a lot of fun. so, if you’re from the midwest and need to record i’d really recommend checking out chris common and his danger room studios.

during the course of recording we managed to a) have a run in with two kettering police officers while rummaging through the trader joe’s dumpster and b) annoy will’s mom by slamming doors (like “65 times in 45 minutes”) and generally being loud all night. thanks to the staler family for their hospitality and to claire for coming over and helping to make recording a good time.



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