that’s right. big blue vans, bad haircuts, beat up drums and weird sounding guitar amps are coming to a town near you. if you’re lucky will will leave (i.e. forget) something behind for you to keep forever. the tentative plan is as follows:

Friday 03.21 Allentown, PA

Saturday 03.22 Providence, RI w/ The Good Good

Sunday 03.23 NYC, NY w/ The Good Good

Monday 03.24 Philadelphia, PA w/ The Good Good

Tuesday 03.25 Washington, DC

Wednesday 03.26 Richmond, VA

Thursday 03.27 Day Off (bz says, “let’s go to the beach”)

Friday 03.28 Athens, GA

Saturday 03.29 Asheville, NC

Sunday 03.30 Madison, IN w/ The K10 Prospect

Monday 03.31 Detroit, MI

— break for school (insert boos from will and ryan here) —

Friday 04.04 Bloomington, IN @ The Bottom of the Hill w/ Abe Fromann , The Max Levine Ensemble

Saturday 04.05 Columbus, OH @ The Legion of Doom w/ Abe Froman , The Max Levine Ensemble

Sunday 04.06 Pittsburgh, PA w/ Abe Froman, The Max Levine Ensemble

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