brian i-am-not-an-ugly-american deller is about to leave for the home of eurodisney, situationalists (at least in the 60s), air (the band that is), and baguettes – i.e. france. he’s managed to leave one more mark on columbus, however, with the release of the first volume of what i think is his first ever zine. it’s called “Griot” and it’s a collection of found, remembered, and submitted stories (the oral history sort) and dreams. it’s pretty awesome. of course “Griot” is not the onlly exciting zine that’s coming out of columbus. i’m always blown away when i read Chad’s “Scrag” and Mikeal’s “Bicycles for Afghanistan”. Chad and Mikeal also run a zine distro that they occasionally bring to shows where you can get your hands on their zines as well as many others (and hopefully soon Art from The Good Good’s zine “Lilin” which i’m also really fond of”

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